My name is Steve Ross. I’m a character artist who specializes in character rigging and toolset scripting. I received my Bachelors of Science degree from Full Sail University in their Computer Animation degree program. While I had developed an interest and enjoyment for digital artistry before attending school there, I found myself more excited and enthusiastic about the trade once I was surrounded by classmates and instructors who were just as passionate. I was fascinated with the depth of every aspect in the CG pipeline.

I was drawn to rigging and scripting because of the unique function that technical artists serve in a project. I found that I really enjoy the creative problem solving process that’s involved with getting a character ready to animate. In addition, I found that technical artists end up being the “go to guys” when it comes to finding solutions almost anywhere in the production. It was for these reasons that I chose this specialty. Scripting was also a natural fit for me, as I grew up learning programming syntax and logic functions from various family members.

I feel the role of a technical artist is to produce natural and appealing deformations in a rig, while providing robust and streamlined toolsets to decrease the time needed for a task. I think my passion and abilities are well suited to fill this role.